Ground Control to Major Reform

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The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) runs the nationwide waiting list for donor kidneys. 100,000 Americans currently sit on this list; unfortunately, 50% will die before a kidney arrives, as wait times can exceed 10 years.  Further, since the number of recipients is growing faster than the number of donors, the wait time, and consequently the mortality rate, can only be expected to increase. (1)

But there’s hope! Recent updates to the UNOS donor kidney allocation policy might drastically reduce wait times.

Larry Swilling took to the streets for fear that his wife was losing the race with the waiting list. He found a donor just a month ago.

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This article is part of a series on the Philosophy of Emotion. See also:
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When one commits a wrong, can it be undone? Let’s be more precise. Given that one’s caused harm, what, short of reversing the damage or abandoning one’s conscience, (and if anything), can alleviate, in this person, the feeling that he has wronged the universe?


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The Lonely and Forgotten Nation

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I stepped carefully through the dark pathway, scrutinizing the distant glow of the approaching streetlamp. Moving into the radius of light, I finally felt safer. I looked at my surroundings. A dirt road ran in front of me into the village, flickering orange under the row of dim orbs now proceeding into the distance. Houses lined each side: tiny, decrepit houses, with corrugated-iron fences and wild yards with gnarled shrubs growing up past the windows. Most were dark; occasionally, a glowing white curtain concealed light, shadows and voices. This place was thrilling for its utter humble, natural, decrepitness.


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Philosophy and Fulfillment


Logician Kurt Godel proposed an axiomatic proof of God.

Life is complex and difficult. This difficulty, however (and paradoxically), is often under-acknowledged. Life, with its meanderings and progressions, fails sometimes to demand exploration of the toughest questions. Deep issues too-often fail to become meaningful and important. Deep issues, too often, go without acknowledgement whatsoever.

The consequences, predictably, are bad. But why does this failure originate and persist? The question demands an investigation of the nature of philosophy itself: what it seeks to do, why it’s good, and why it can be difficult to maintain.

In the process, hopefully we’ll better understand philosophy. Furthermore, however, we might learn the identities of some of these big questions, the roles they play in our lives, and even perhaps how they could be answered. If you’re not interested yet – read on.

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