The Traveler’s Approach


Our route, traveled 6/21-7/23

Ben and I just got back from an epic post-graduation trip through Eastern Europe. John, my roommate in college, joined us, as did a few other USC friends.

The first part of the trip focused on Eastern Europe’s big cities. Berlin, Prague, and Budapest were among our destinations. We climbed Berlin’s famous TV tower, which offered a view of the entire city, from sports arenas, to concerthouses, to parts of the Berlin Wall. We visited the Prague Castle, which was built in 870 A.D. and which has since been home to kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. We cruised the Vltava River in a paddleboat. We got to know each city’s jazz scene; many jazz clubs were set up in small, cozy, fifteenth-century stone cellars.

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