The Italian School

This story is part of a series entitled Leaving Mathematics. See also:
1. The Baltimore Snowstorm; 2. The Italian School; 3. Characteristic Classes

“Of course you should go!” Professor Torino nodded honestly, smiling inexplicably. Torino hung like that for an instant, balanced in his chair. He relaxed suddenly, his smile vanishing. “Pieri is a good mathematician,” he continued. “We spent a summer together at the Institute in 1991.”

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Taking Care to Take Care

The Genius of Drake. 


In a previous post, I flagged Lil Wayne for his genius, largely because of his witty irreverence. In a world of wanna-be gangsters and braggarts, it somehow occurred to Lil Wayne that he didn’t have to act hard—he could be funny, instead.

Drake’s genius, then, becomes clear as well, for a similar but distinct reason. While his contemporaries extoll their kill counts, sexploits, and paychecks, Drake stands out in a sea of monotony for his ability to express his emotions. Just imagine: it’s 2009; Drake is rising to fame; and suddenly, it’s no longer uncool to feel. The reader will surely join me, then, in deeming Drake’s impact on the rap world revolutionary.

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